Update on Cryo Chamber Interview + New Search & Discussion Thread Features

Dear readers: Regrettably, the publication of the Cryo Chamber interview with label founder Simon Heath has been postponed until an undetermined date later this year. While I don't guarantee specific publication dates for interviews, I do my best to deliver new work as regularly as possible.

The good news is that the interview material is "evergreen," so it will be just as relevant when you read it later on. When the interview is released, I'll work something out with all subscribers so you can read the full Cryo Chamber interview at no charge. Thanks for your patience with the delay.

Other good news: Substack now has a search box at the top of the web archives page for the newsletter, so you can enter a keyword, album name, artist name, etc., to see if I've published anything on it. Give it a try!

Substack has also just launched a great community discussion thread feature which allows comments from readers. I'm using that new feature to deliver this post to you. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment to try it out. It's public, so all readers from both subscriber tiers can comment.

What do you enjoy most about the newsletter? How could I improve it? What great dark ambient music are you listening to lately that you think other Endarkenment readers might enjoy?