[Preview] Scandinavian Heritage: An Interview with Ulf Söderberg

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In the next exclusive subscriber-only issue of Endarkenment I will finally publish what I consider to be my finest work as a music writer so far: a rare long-read (7000+ words) interview with Ulf Söderberg, aka Sephiroth.

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Quotes from Scandinavian Heritage: An Interview with Ulf Söderberg

Danica Swanson: Your work features many references to Old Norse religion and culture. You’ve included, for example, Bronze Age rock carvings from Högsbyn, Tisselskog in your album art; quotes from the Poetic Edda (stanzas 5 and 38 of the Völuspá) in your album notes; and some interesting voice samples in “Tidvatten Part II”…

Ulf Söderberg: The voice in that track is my close friend, colleague, and mentor, author Sture Wikman, who reads a fragment of his poem “Tidvatten.” It was written at the same time as my album. It’s the same text that is printed inside the album cover…The music on the album Tidvatten is also a smaller part of a much bigger original production that’s about two hours longer than the album…Tidvatten should have been a triple album, really…

…the Scandinavian heritage is always strong and clear in my creative thinking. My next album will probably have a stronger Nordic tone than my previous albums.

Danica Swanson: What are your thoughts on your early influences?

Ulf Söderberg: I’ve inquired far, far back into my memories to find out where my fascination with these sounds comes from, because they have been present inside me my whole life - long before this type of music started to appear to the general public. My very earliest sound influences were probably not music at all in the traditional sense. […]

…this question regarding influences is a huge and complex mosaic for me. If I were to mention everything that has inspired me throughout the years, this interview would be 600 pages long. On one hand, I’m very selective and fastidious; I think there is a huge load of crap out there. On the other hand, I’m open to every genre and every expression of art…

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