[Playlist] The Void: Dark Ambient for Deep Meditation, Vol. 1

Chthonic Cathedral Project by Danica Swanson


1. Mulm - Night Water Reflection
2. Hum - The Spectral Ship
3. Kshatriy - Interplanetary Abyss
4. Svartsinn - Tremors Within the Void
5. Creation VI - Natura Renovator
6. Alphaxone - Secret Path
7. Northumbria - The Stars as My Guide
8. Tertium Organum - Aeon
9. Troum - Licht-Brandung
10. Tho-So-AA - Section I
11. Mesektet - Hollow Monoliths
12. Creation VI - Divine Intervention
13. Halo Manash - Tulelle
14. Coma Centauri - Sleeper
15. Metatron Omega - Illuminatio

Listen to the full uninterrupted playlist HERE. (Total time: 2 hr 55 min.)

Liner Notes

Aficionados of dark ambient music know it can serve as a highly effective meditation aid. Through the phenomenon of entrainment, the body syncs up its autonomic mechanisms with external rhythmic patterns in ways that induce deeper meditation. With no sudden, dramatic shifts in volume or tempo that might jolt you out of your reverie, this playlist is carefully selected to gradually and steadily lull the would-be psychonaut into deep inner journeys and trance states. Headphones recommended!

The Mulm track, “Night Water Reflection,” has seduced many neophytes into “the dark side,” converting them into dark ambient fans. And both of the Creation VI tracks - especially “Natura Renovator” - fuel my writing trance states beautifully. I retreat into my writing cave, shut out the world, put “Natura Renovator” on repeat, and write for hours with only the faintest awareness of the passage of time. It’s a 23-minute track; something about the progression of it digs deep into my embodied awareness and dredges up amorphous material from…I know not where. It simply arrives on its own timetable, unbidden, accompanied by a driving sense of urgency to translate the creative flow into words.

Feedback on this playlist has been phenomenal. Thank you! It ranks among my most well-loved playlists of all. I’ve got much more where this came from, so you can look forward to additional volumes.

My original plan was to stick to 13 tracks for my playlists, but sometimes (OK, OK, often) I just can’t stop at 13.

Notes about my playlists:

1) Whenever possible, I link the tracks I recommend directly to the artist’s Bandcamp or website to save my readers some search time and make it easy for listeners to support the artists by buying their music directly from them.

2) I accept theme requests! You can reply to any of the playlist emails or comment on the Substack website to suggest themes for a future playlist. I read and consider all suggestions.

3) As part of my Chthonic Cathedral Project to promote music-based contemplative practices, I offer a dark ambient music consultation service through which I put together custom playlists for events, gatherings, meditation groups, and so on. I direct half of any donations from this service to support the musicians whose tracks I recommend. Contact me for details.

4) I gratefully receive feedback on my playlists, whether it’s praise or constructive critique. What did you like? Which tracks were your favorites? Where could I improve? Feel free to let me know.
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