Coming Up Next Week: First Exclusive Issue & Interview Sneak Peek

Greetings, dark ambient fans!

October marks the official launch of the newsletter.

On the first of October, I’ll send out my first exclusive issue for sustaining (paid) subscribers only. In that issue, I’ll finally spill the beans about what’s coming up in the exceptionally rare and noteworthy deep-dive interview I've been keeping under wraps for a long time.

That exciting interview will be released later in October as the annual long-read special issue for 2018. Every year hereafter, I’ll publish another long-read special issue in October, exclusively for sustaining subscribers.

The all-access subscriber tier receives playlists + liner notes, articles, and personal reflections on the history, philosophy, culture, esotericism, and aesthetics of the genre.

All interviews, label + artist profiles, sneak peeks, and special issues are released exclusively to the sustaining subscriber tier. Paid subscribers can also post comments and view comment discussion threads on all issues.

I’m offering a launch-month half price discount. The regular price for sustaining subscriptions is USD $5/mo or $50/year. However, if you sign up for a sustaining subscription from today through 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8) on 30 October, you’ll receive your first year of access to all the exclusive material for $2.50/month or $25/year.

To sign up at the half-price rate (before Oct. 31), use this coupon link.

I direct 50% of all net subscription income to the people whose work I feature in the interviews and profiles, so if you do opt for a sustaining subscription, you’ll be directly supporting both the writer and the artists you read about. You can also cancel your subscription anytime with no hassles and no questions asked.

If you’re an artist whom I’ve already interviewed for the newsletter, or if you’ve already agreed to be interviewed within the next six months, I’d like to honor your work by gifting you with six months of free access to the exclusive tier. All I need is your email address, if I don’t already have it. (If I do have it, you don’t need to do anything; I’ll sign you up on the first of October, in time to receive the first exclusive issue.)

You’re also welcome to continue receiving just the all-access issues, of course.

Either way, thank you for reading, and for supporting dark ambient music!

Your fellow dark ambient music nerd,
~ Danica Swanson

P.S. More questions? Check the FAQ for answers!

Image credit: art by Pär Boström

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