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contemplative writing on dark ambient music appreciation

con·tem·pla·tive (kən-tĕm’plə-tĭv, kŏn’təm-plā′-) n. -

1. A person given to contemplation.
2. A member of a religious order that emphasizes meditation.
Contemplative writing on dark ambient music appreciation by Danica Swanson
dark ambient aficionado, word nerd, & Norse polytheist monastic-in-training


- deep-dive musician interviews
- introspective label and artist profiles
- themed playlists + liner notes crafted with discernment and care
- personal reflections on classics, recent releases, & hidden gems of the genre
- thoughts on the history, philosophy, culture, and aesthetics of the dark ambient genre
- special guest writers
Official launch coming in October 2018.

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