[Announcement] Short Production Pause

Dear Endarkenment subscribers,

Changes in my medical situation are forcing me to pause my work on the Endarkenment newsletter interviews. I expect this production pause to last about two months (through August and September), with the next exclusive-tier issue releasing in October.

Exclusive-tier subscribers have three options:

1) (for monthly subscribers) a two-month pause during which your card won't be charged

2) (for annual subscribers) a two-month subscription extension at no charge

3) allow your subscription to continue as it is, with no changes

Gift subscribers (including a few that recently expired) don't need to take any action. I'll simply reinstate your gift subscription when the production pause is over, so you'll receive two more months of gift access to the exclusive tier.

If you're an exclusive-tier paid subscriber and you'd like option 1) or 2), please hit 'reply' or email endarkenment.dark.ambient at gmail.com and indicate which one you'd like. For option 3, you don't need to take any action.

Thank you,

- Danica Swanson

P.S. A copy of this notice has been posted on the website and sent to all subscribers to ensure that everyone is up to date.