Chthonic Cathedral Project recommendations
Chthonic Cathedral Project recommendations
Finally, an update! Including reflections on funding (and lack thereof) for creative labor, and news about updating the 2018 Ulf Söderberg interview.
Billing cycles now frozen. Publication will resume eventually, as circumstances permit.
(Reprint; originally published Dec. 22, 2018)
(Reprint; originally published Nov. 21, 2018)
What is dark ambient music and what is it all about?
Chthonic Cathedral Project recommendations
Loki-Foundation label spotlight on Post Internet Radio, Sat. 6 Jun 2020
This Saturday, April 18, dark ambient fans can enjoy a double-bill: Sphäre Sechs at 20:00 CET, followed by Phragments at 22:00 CET (UTC+02). 
Looks like the idea of dark ambient Stay at Home Concerts is catching on - and it’s helping to lift many spirits during a public health crisis, too.
Among the unfortunate sweeping changes wrought by COVID-19 is the cancellation of the Phobos Festival. Fortunately, organizer Martin Stürtzer has…